BRSR Report Analysis sample
BRSR Report Analysis sample

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This analysis of the BRSR report submitted by an industry leader during FY 21-22 provides a sample representation of the possible insights that can be drawn from these annual disclosures. This analysis, when extended to the BRSR reports for the FY22-23 cycle, can help businesses understand their BRSR and ESG strengths and weaknesses. The target group for these reports are the Top 1000 companies in India that will be reporting on BRSR in the subsequent cycles.

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The annual compliance requirement around BRSR can be leveraged to your advantage. A comprehensive analysis of the BRSR reports can help chart our your BRSR heatmaps, ESG maturity assessments and benchmarking against peers in your industry.

Our team has developed a strong set of in-house tools based on the latest guides to assess maturity and audit readiness of BRSR disclosures. We have done extensive analysis of industry reports for FY 21-22, and we are well poised to leverage the same tools to assess the BRSR disclosures pertaining to FY 22-23 as well. This is just one of the samples and we can help you with an analysis of your own BRSR report and benchmark your ESG approach. If this interests you, feel free to schedule a call or mail us at

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