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We explore the Green Compass + as a Technology Solution component of CLIMASTACK for Corporates
Climate Care Maturity Model (CCMM)
Premium solution that makes Sustainability personal, and relevant to every employee within the enterprise
Stack Component
Technology Solution
People in Focus
Employees, Middle Management and CXOs
Green Compass + (GC+) is a premium solution that makes Sustainability personal, and relevant to every employee within the enterprise. It considers the typical challenges that individuals face in transitioning to a Sustainable lifestyle and eases them out of it. GC+ is a digital, gamified solution to make the theme of Sustainability relevant for today’s new-age workforce.
  • Stronger Engagement with employees to drive a Sustainability Culture
  • Dashboards and Recognition badges showcasing progress vis-a-vis their peer group
  • Active engagement of people to ingrain Sustainability Culture
  • Curated compilation of Self-Learning Resources
  • Impact mapping of every individual’s actions to the United Nations’ SDGs
Conduct Sustainability workshops/drives alongside to enable easier individual transitions
Assess overall effectiveness of the GC+ by conducting Corporate Sustainability assessments on Sus360° CompassCLIMASTACK
The Green Compass + is built to deliver an exceptional user experience, throughout your staff’s sustainability journey. It is meant to be a personal guide that walks alongside and pushes him/her to act sustainably. To begin with, it can be accessed on various devices – laptops, desktops, tablets and mobile phones. It allows your teachers to participate in the sustainability journey as a private group and learn, take inspiration from their peer group. Finally, it is gamified – participants can earn badges, be positioned on dynamic leader board and more.
Find your own calling from 8 sustainability tribes and 3 impact areas
Green Compass plus gamification - Tribes and Impact areas
Simplified for you by breaking it down to actionable items under each tribe
Green Compass plus gamification - Actions
Dashboard showing your real-time progress across tribes
Green Compass plus gamification - Journey and Progress dashboard
Visualization of your personal contribution to the UN SDGs
Green Compass plus gamification - SDG impact dashboard
Analyse your performance against your peer group and receive recommendations to step up your sustainability journey
Green Compass plus gamification - Peer comparision charts
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