ESG is for the leader,
manager, employee

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We call it ESG and C. C is for Culture across the organization.

Addressing Climate Change through Corporate Actions can be done through a balanced mix of ESG.
People and Culture would be the catalyst to the mix that amplifies the impact and makes it long-lasting.
Essential Ingredients of Sustainability Culture

Our ESG and Culture approach seamlessly blends with typical transitional journeys taken up by enterprises. We define this as Learn-Act-Achieve-Celebrate and have exclusive techniques identified for each phase.

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Educative Techniques
  • Awareness Workshops
  • Skilling Sessions
What do we offer for your people

The process of driving ESG in the DNA needs internventions and support through various technqiues. At the same time, we acknowledge that the learning needs and approaches need to be tailored to 3 distinct personas in any enterprise, at minimum - Employees, Mid-Managers and the Senior Leadership. Each of these personas has a very distinct role to play.

  • Relatively younger demographic; under ~35yrs
  • Significantly large group that is also dispersed geographically at various worksites/project sites
  • Responsible to implement the ESG/Sustainability initiatives during daily operations
  • Responsible to capture data relevant for sustainability reporting
  • Leaders from both governance (BoD) and management (CxO) teams
  • Set the direction for the organization through decisions taken by the Board of Directors
  • Responsible towards both internal and external stakeholders.
  • Seasoned professionals in the 35-45yrs age-group
  • People management, project management, team leadership skills
  • Responsible to translate the ESG roadmap into actionable items on the operation floor
  • Responsible to aggregate data relevant for sustainability reporting
The ESG and C Distinction – Practical Examples

The essence of ESG and Culutre is best understood when you put it in real-world contexts. We have taken 3 prominent scenarios that we've come across in our client conversations and demonstrate how the ESG and C approach provides distinct advantages over the ESG approach.

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