Guide for Small and Medium Enterprises to implement Sustainability,

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Medium and Small-sized companies that intend to adopt Sustainability in their business for various reasons – Regulatory Compliance like BRSR, Supply Chain/Green Procurement requirements from their B2B customers, Investor and Market demand etc.

The Need

  • There is increasing attention to involve the SMEs in the Sustainability story worldwide. In India too, a whopping 80% of the 1000 companies mandated to report on BRSR are mid or small caps.
  • With enhanced attention to ESG across the operations, larger companies are being forced to study their supply chains and source from responsible suppliers only. This supply chain is dominated by SME players, and so such moves impacts them directly.
  • While the SMEs feel pressure from regulators and other stakeholders, they do not necessarily have the resources to make the transition. In this context, they run the risk of being left behind (or left out) in their business.
  • This whitepaper intends to highlight the business imperative for the SME owners and also build a stronger case for them to pivot their business on sustainability.
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