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Top 1000 companies listed on the market who need to mandatorily submit the BRSR (Business Responsibility and Sustainability Report)

The Need

This research guide was an extension of the whitepaper “Transitioning Corporate India into the BRSR Era”. The whitepaper is a detailed guide for business leaders and BRSR preparers, so that they are well-informed while approaching this annual exercise. The whitepaper has a chapter that talks of the best practices of sustainability reporting, with an explicit mention of the IR principles highlighting how they are at the heart of true sustainability reporting. However, it was important to delve deeper and elaborate this relationship. This formed the genesis of this research guide.

Through this research, we have concluded that there is ample reason and evidence to show that the structure of the BRSR report is very well-suited to adopt the IR principles. The IR principles are not mandated by SEBI and need not be considered if the approach is to fulfil the BRSR template requirements only. However, adhering to the principles gives you the best chance of taking your BRSR report through the mandated 3rd party audit effectively. It is also obvious that any ESG report including the BRSR report, would attain its true purpose when it conveys to all its stakeholders the organization’s ability to create value. 

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